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January's Monday Mentions are as follows:

Week Commencing 1st January

To Barbara G-D and Tanya W for their reviews of both Hotsuka's Story and Barid's Story.

Week Commencing 8th January

Annie B and Amazon C for their reviews of Hotsuka’s Story.

Carly N, Gary C, Viraf M and James C for their book 7 feedback. The photograph below is evidence of how invaluable your feedback has been!

Book 7 Manuscript

Book 7 Manuscript

Week Commencing 15th January

This week’s mentions are mostly to do with marketing. Since it’s still early days for me with this indie publishing malarkey, it’s vital to spread the word about my books. One way of doing this is to cross-promote other author’s books: you share their books with your readership and they do the same with your book. You’ll have seen a number of these promotions included in Wednesday’s and Friday’s posts. So, this week, I’d like to thank the following organisers who’ve been kind enough to include my book in their promotions. They are:

Nicole W, Emily S, CJ at Art of the Arcane and Valerie W.

On a different note, I’d like to thank Barbara Gaskell Denvil for sharing the first book of her Stars and A Wind series, A White Horizon. I’m two-thirds into the book and thoroughly enjoying it. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll add a review to the blog. Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

Week Commencing 22nd January

This week, I’d like to mention Aelvana for her goodreads reviews of both Hotsuka’s Story and Barid’s Story. My thanks also to Riddhi for his goodreads rating of Hotsuka’s Story.  Thank you both.

It was fun catching up with David G and Andrew T over two writerly Skypes last week. I enjoyed sharing thoughts about the craft as well as marketing challenges.

Finally, I’d like to thank my fellow students on a copywriting course I’m taking. I really appreciated your feedback and comments on my copywriting attempts. The course title includes the word ‘Intensive’—I couldn’t agree more!

Week Commencing 29th January

My first mention goes to my fellow students on my copywriting course—again! You’ve shared some great ideas that I’ll borrow, and your feedback has been very helpful.

My thanks to Stuart J W for adding me to a short story cross-promotion at the last minute. Thanks, Stuart! Newsletter subscribers, I’ll send you a link to my short story next month.

I really appreciate readers taking the time to write. My thanks to Julie G and Elena P for their messages last week.

And finally, thank you to David Gaughran for giving away a free copy of his latest book, Amazon Decoded—A Marketing Guide to the Kindle Store. This is an important read!


Image:Tim Green from Bradford (Drink and be Grateful) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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