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One full moon ago, the Great Mother Spirit summoned me while I slept and told me about you, warned me of the danger that would befall the Tamuda if you were to become one of us.

Captured by the Tamuda, Madhuri receives two gifts from a snake spirit while recovering from her injuries. Thanks to the first gift, she is betrothed to the charismatic Chuluun but also learns that her presence endangers the entire Tamuda nation. When the spirit’s second gift reveals itself, Madhuri realises she must sacrifice everything to escape.

Madhuri’s Story is the fourth of six novellas in the epic fantasy Dragon Pearl series. Set in a world that borrows from Asian and Middle Eastern mythologies, and where gods and humans exist alongside one another, each novella describes the events that culminate in the Takeo Sura Pearl novels: Tamuda Rising and The Four-Day War.


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