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‘The pearl belonged to Hotsuka,’ the queen said. ‘You will owe me nothing if you take it.’ She held out her hand, the pearl and its coiled chain in her creaseless palm.

Abandoned by her husband, Shernaz is rescued by the Queen of Patalama and given a Dragon pearl. Thanks to the pearl, Shernaz enjoys prolonged youth and the independence she’d always dreamed of. When the pearl loses its power, obtaining a second carries a dreadful price, one that Shernaz must decide whether or not to pay.

Shernaz’s Story is the last of six novellas in the epic fantasy Dragon Pearl series. Set in a world that borrows from Asian and Middle Eastern mythologies, and where gods and humans exist alongside one another, each novella describes the events that culminate in the Takeo Sura Pearl novels: Tamuda Rising and The Four-Day War.


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