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A mistake can change a universe...

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The Dragon Pearl Series — coming November 2017

Hotsuka's Story

If he’s to redeem himself, a banished celestial must save a race, a world and a universe.
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Barid's Story

Shackled to his past, a retired warrior is given the chance to move on—at a price.
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Omid's Story

To end a devastating war, the emperor’s sickly son must complete an impossible task.
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Madhuri's Story

Captured by nomads, a woman learns that an entire nation will perish if she fails to escape them.
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Babak's Story

Disfigured at birth, a young boy must reconcile himself to both his appearance and his destiny.
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Shernaz's Story

A weaver must decide how far she will go to maintain her youth and independence.
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September's Monthly Mentions

It's that time of the month when I reflect on all the good things that have happened to me during September and say a big THANK YOU!

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River of Ink, by Paul M M Cooper

When I first arrived in Colombo,  I was quickly introduced to Barefoot, a crafts shop, café and bookshop. The bookshop is a goldmine of books by Sri Lankan writers and books about Sri Lanka. My first purchase was Paul M M Cooper’s River of Ink.

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