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December's monthly mentions are as follows:

Week Commencing 4th December

I’d like to say thank you to Patricia S and Angelina K for their Amazon reviews of Hotsuka’s Story.  I’d also like to thank Kelli S for organising a Reviewer Roundup, which has been very helpful in garnering reviews.
I doubt he’ll read this, but my thanks to the very patient Dany A, a Goodreads Expert. I caused a real mess 6 weeks ago when I saw that my author profile had periods after the initials in J F Mehentee. I edited my profile, removed the periods and the krakens of chaos were unleashed. Suddenly, I had two author profiles with book information, readers and reviews spread between them. Once again, thanks Dany!

Week Commencing 11th December

To S D Black, Stacy B and Amartinez for their reviews of Hotsuka’s story on Amazon and B&N. Thank you so much.
To James, Terre, Barbara and Maria for your emails over the weekend. It wonderful to hear from readers, even when the autoresponder isn’t behaving itself—which was my fault not the autoresponder’s!
And finally, on a non-writing note, to the street vendor who gave me a bagful of free uludhu vadai (they’re like savoury donuts) just because I said they smelled good. It’s these random acts of kindness that always my day!

Week Commencing 18th December

To Aaron H for organising a blinding 3-day book promotion. Thanks to Aaron and the other authors who participated in this cross-promotion, over 650 copies of Hotsuka’s Story were downloaded.
To Kelli S for organising a reviewer roundup that resulted in Hotsuka’s Story receiving 20 reviews and mentions across various retail sites, including Amazon Mexico!
And, on a non-writing note, thank you to Arpico for stocking Christmas decorations. I thought I’d have to travel miles by tuc tuc to find a Christmas tree and decorate it. And thank you Hannah (age 2.5) for your snowman!

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